lizard on a windowpane (delzie) wrote in offtrackequines,
lizard on a windowpane

had to vent.

ok all you TB lovers. how sick are you of hearing people diss thoroughbreds??? im sorry, i know this may sound stupid, but i swear i hear more negative comments about TBs than any other breed... except maybe arabs. i own a TB gelding and absolutely ADORE him. he is NOT "crazy" "nuts" "dumb" etc. etc. these are all things ive heard other people say about thoroughbreds... sure he can be forward some days, but then there are also days when hes just as lazy and pokey as the quiet guys.

i hadnt had much experience with thoroughbreds before i bought my guy, and now 3 years later i am so glad that he was the one i got. hes smart, willing, and FORGIVING of my mistakes. a lot of times TBs can be very sensitive when handled or ridden, but that to me makes them more interesting and intelligent. just because some people want a slower ride does not mean that the entire breed has to be classified as insane.

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