Emily (eclypse) wrote in offtrackequines,

Question for the Group

Hello! I am a newbie here. I have a training question. I have recently purchased an older (11 going on 12)off the track mare. She has had very little training and tends to throw her head up into a strange position when I put contact on the bit. We are using a KK Ultra snaffle or a happy mouth full cheek bit. She is not fighting with me it is just a pose she likes. She will round out and use her body correctly for a few seconds here and there. If I "play" with the bit with a wide hand position then she will put her head down and start to bend correctly. I have only achieved this in the walk and trot. How do I keep her consistent and is this a common problem? I have ridden a number of OTTB's and never have encountered this. She is starting to learn to stretch into the bit and is generally a very good girl. This mare is a little too sensitive for draw reins according to her last trainer and I generally disapprove of them. I do lunge her and she is starting to use her muscles properly. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any suggestions for books on training the OTTB that would be very helpful.
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