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An update:

I know who Jules is, thanks to the generosity of belle7067
Jules is "True's Bucky".

I've added him to Let it be known he has War Admiral, War Relic, Tom Fool, and Buckpasser on BOTH SIDES. Boo yea for inbreeding!

I've been running through the apartment screaming (my roomie knows more about racehorses than me), so she helped me go through and figure out who was who. Plus, it printed funny from my email, so had to draw lines to figure out who was by who.


That's him on the TB pedigree thing, and yes, I'm listed as his owner.

I'm going to give him the other half of the 5lb bag tomorrow after our (going to be) glorious ride, which comes right before that horrible bean removal.

OH yea, the vet called today to say dr moore won't be coming. Then they called back to say vanroekel would be, which is even better, because he's the one who does the acupuncture, so I can talk to him while he's there!

Hopefully he takes pity on a poor college student, helps me out a bit.


Plus, I'm going to have the vet change his name on his Coggins next time around. I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to have this information, even though it doesn't change anything (except his birthdate, in my mind).

Still, it says he's unraced.. so why the hell would they pinfire him?! Is it common to pinfire an unproven horse?
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