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Buying off the track

Normally I'd post here from my horse journal, tb_love, but I'm not actually a member of this comm there, so I'm gonna be lazy. ;)

Anyhow, for all you OTTB owners that have bought straight off the track, what do you look for in an H/J prospect? Apart from the obvious has all its body parts/doesn't have gleaming red eyes, horns, and a forked tail. I HAVE two OTTB's, but neither were bought straight off the track, so this could be a new experience for me.
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I buy horses directly off the track every 6 months or so. My most important concern is conformational correctness. The angle of the shoulder, the upright-ness of the pasterns, how far beneathe them their hocks sit, their bone, and various othe qualities. I then, as an eventer, look at natural movement. Beyond that, personality is important to me. I try to ask the horse to do something it may not be comfortable with, say back up or turn on the forehand. Depending on how the horse reacts to new input, I usually make my decision.
Are you typically allowed to ride the horses at the track, or do you do some ground work with them? I'm expecting not to be able to do too much looking at them there.
Seconded, and if you're inexperienced in so far as what a horse's back looks like damaged and undamaged, bring a massage therapist or chiropractor wiht you. A horse with a poor back is no horse at all.