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Hi all, I'm new here. I'm Danielle, I'm 17 years old and currently own 3 ottb's.

Joy is an 11 year old gray mare who we took right off the track 5 years ago. We let her have pasture rest, we had a baby out of her by an APHA stallion. Then we brought her up as a riding horse. All we really did with her was trail riding, pleasure riding, and a few open/schooling shows until this spring. I had lost my Paint mare during the winter so I think that's why I then attached myself to Joy. We are currently training in dressage (we'd be showing training level but we bred her so I'm not doing anything with her this winter) and have schooled to 3'3" this summer. She is your typically hot thoroughbred, my sister is afraid to ride her since we started jumping but she's not a bad horse. She loves jumping so much.

She is now bred to a Percheron stallion for a June 2006 baby. Then after the baby I'm hoping to start showing her in dressage.

Please note I am aware that I am not wearing a helmet in some of the photos, but I am aware of the risks of not doing so, so please do not comment on it.

Most of these photos have been thruout the current year.

One of Joy's win photos (back in 1999) I just recently got from the previous owner.

Malakai is a 5 year old gelding who I just got about a month ago. He was severly lame in the spring when we first saw him, he was on mostly stall rest, some pasture, over the summer and they raced him again in October even though he was still somewhat lame. They ended up pulling him up during the race and then they were done with him. He came to me hurting so bad he could hardly walk. Since he's been here in just the month he's doing so much better. What he has is ocelots (a type of calcium deposit). The vet said he may not turn out to be a jumper but could still be a good hunter or dressage horse, or just a trail horse if he can't do that. We had him x-rayed and he looked pretty good, so time will only tell.


Malakai and Joy

And Hagor hasn't even arrived yet. He is a 12 year old bay gelding. He was raced until he was 10 with 19 wins and $315,000 in earnings. Then he was retired and became a trail horse. I'm not exactly sure of his whole story, but he ended up at a TB rescue and the rescue placed him with a woman we know (through dogs). It was meant to be her daughters horse, who is 12 years old and only knows walk/trot. What I don't understand is why a rescue would place an ottb as a beginners horse? These people have only had him for 6 weeks and are scared of him. He's not a mean or bad horse, he's just a typical thoroughbred. In my opinion it isn't good to combine an ottb with inexperienced horse people. We went to see him, he's a real sweetheart, and since they are desperate to get him out of there we made them an offer and they said yes. He'll be here Friday. Unfortunetly when I went to see him I didn't get to ride, but from what I could see from lunging him he had really nice gaits. I'm excited to get him here. (But I'm not calling him Hagor ;o) He will have a name change).

He's a very oral horse. He'll stand there with his head crooked and move his jaw back & forth really weird. He also hangs his tounge out and loves to lick you.

Along with the thoroughbreds I also own 2 paints (Star Star2) and (Bailey), a trakehner gelding (Dax) and 2 miniatures (Fancy and Misty).

And I will stop boring ya'll with my ramblings. But I will definatly be around with many pictures. :o)
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