I am sexy and pretty. I don't have ANY warts. (meupatdoes) wrote in offtrackequines,
I am sexy and pretty. I don't have ANY warts.

I said, "Give me three weeks."

Remember Sammy?.

His three week anniversary with us is today, and he has improved by miles and miles.
As of now we have installed:
1. a slightly rough clip job
2. teeth done
3. shoes
4. 100 more pounds
5. a canter (as opposed to a run/scramble/flail)
6. which follows a canter depart (as opposed to 8 legs at once jackhammering down the longside)
7. the ability to maintain balance in turns and circles at the above mentioned gait
8. we no longer snorkel, we are starting to carry ourselves and be soft over our topline.

Follow the cut for photographic evidence. (Not the best quality, the camera has a hard time inside.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Moving away from bony and heading for round :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm only 15.3, but I might just make it down the lines with this stride. Just wait till I step up a little more from behind and get a little stronger and more balanced so that when my rider "turns me loose a little" I will be coming from a place of strength and power, and not scrambling. We have to keep it a little in check for now still and just work on keep a leg at each corner and being balanced.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Not snorkeling (!), somewhat organized, possibly approaching being the shape of the turn -and hey! look who can turn without leaning or breaking!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And look who can stay organized and light without leaning on a circle now! Watch me stay organized all by myself while my rider 'floats' me for a few strides. Who's the man? Who?

So yeah. He definitely looked like a big honkin' piece of track trash when he came off the trailer, but now we are calling him "The little bay horse that could." He is so honest and he really tries and is absolutely lovely. I am very proud of him! Hopefully he will get to do a hack class in February; he has turned out to be quite a nice mover (who knew?) and will certainly be competitive when he's ready to show.

Also, we checked the tattoo, and he is is a 3yo, not a 5yo. Good surprises all around!

PS -No funny training techniques were involved in this transformation. The only ingredients used were a saddle, a bridle (outfitted with a three-link loose ring), a longe line, side-reins (on the longe only, obviously), and lots and lots of hay. Mix with an honest horse that tries; wait three weeks, and voila!
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